Meet Heather

Hello there!

My name is Heather and I am the author of this blog. :)

I've been writing all my life...journaling, writing short stories, songs, poems, my first novel titled Acts of Valerie, which is currently undergoing it's last revision before line edits (scheduled for September 1st, 2017), and last but not least—blogging. 

Some of my prose is more seasoned than others, such as journaling. I've done that since I could pick up a pencil and spell (or not spell) words. But writing my first book has been a newer—crazier—development, one which has been both exhilarating and a hair-pulling experience. :)

This blog is used as a resource to document my experiences of writing and reading, in hopes it will inspire others who have dreamed of doing the same.

But enough about that. Let's talk about me!!! :D

Twenty-One Facts About Me:

1) I am not a book worm, I am a book dragon. Hashtag Represent

2) I collect books as a means of security. You know how grown-ups stress the importance of having insurance for a rainy day? Well, I have a stockpile of books that I add to weekly, in fear that one day I'll have enough in case they ever go out of print. So I guess you could say I'm a...bookprepper? (Bookprepper ha! I crack myself up). Okay, moving on now. :D

3) I love Jiu Jitsu. There is just something about kinesthetic chess that makes me zone out at the mere mention of it's name. Hey, sounds like my reaction when I hear a stranger mention my favorite books!

4) Which brings me to my favorite book titles: Pride & Prejudice, Divergent, The Hunger Games, The 5th Wave (seriously my absolute fav! Rick Yancey is a writing genius!), anything by Kasie West, Jennifer Echols, Fortune's Journey, Twilight Saga, Legends of the Guardian King series (best book series I have ever read!), The Altered series by Jennifer Rush...okay this list will go on forever, let's move on.

5) I was born and raised on the West Coast and relocated to the East Coast. Talk about a culture shock! I can officially say I have lived in two different worlds.

6) I have traveled all over the United States, to Puerto Rico, England, Mexico, and Kenya.

7) I am the oldest of seven.

8) I am a Disney addict. I grew up going to Disneyland and now visit WDW annually. It's my home away from home.

9) I love, it's always on my headphones, or annoying my neighbors, or blasting through my car windows. Hashtag no shame.

10) I am obsessed with Ed Sheeran's music! OMG he is a lyrical genius!

11) However, I am pretty well-rounded when it comes to music. I love it all. But some of my favorites (besides my favorite ^) are AFI, Goo Goo Dolls (since I was five, y'all!), Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers, Tori Kelly, New Found Glory, Demi Lovato, WOTE, Shawn Mendes, Jesus Culture, Reliant K, Skillet, Hawk Nelson (their old stuff), and Ramones.

12) I have control issues (hey, honesty is the best policy, right).

13) I have been told I'm a good listener. I genuinely love people and who we are at our core and love to get to know others.

14) I am an Ambivert: half extrovert, half extrovert. So basically, I am an introvert except for in certain crowds where I become the life of the party.

15) I graduated a year early from high school. I loved high school, but was ready to move on with my life and embrace a whole new world...a new fantastic point of view. No one to...oh sorry!

16) I don't like to do anything half-ass. The results reflect my work, and I want it to shine when finished.

17) I love to help others. I originally moved from the West Coast to the East Coast to work with single moms, ladies of the night, children of the metropolitan area, and the homeless. Twelve years later and I'm still here. :)

18) I am terrified of the ocean, or any body of water for that matter. A shark or a piece of seaweed brushing against my leg would have the same affect on me. Picture a cat trying to escape bath water...yeah that's me!

19) I played softball, basketball, and volleyball growing up, and joined an MMA gym as an adult.

20) My dream is to become a published author and to write stories that leave my readers wanting more, then donate a percentage of my royalties to Veterans in need, victims of abuse, and programs that empower women.

21) I am a lover of Jesus Christ. I was once a broken mess who fell in love with a knight in shining armor. He is my champion, my biggest fan, my King and my God, and the reason I breathe. I believe that he loves ALL people and desires that none should perish, and I live my life as a reflection of his acceptance of all. Black? White? Muslim? Gay? Bisexual? Conservative? Liberal? Homeless? Prostitute? Addict? Man? Woman? Transgender? He accepts and loves us all and so do I. :)

I could go on, 'cuz, lets face it: we all love to talk about ourselves. Want a tip on how to start and keep a conversation going? Ask people questions about themselves and you'll find the jackpot!

What are some facts about you? Don't be shy. We're all mad, here. ;)


  1. I'm totally in love with post-apocalyptic books!!! I'm always looking for them in bookstores. Any chance there's romance in your book so far? I wouldn't complain of there was! Lol ;)

  2. Hi Teenwriter! Sorry for the delay in responding to your question (I'm still trying to figure out how to blog). ;) Yes, there is some romance in my book series. I hope you'll enjoy it once it's published. :)